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SEGRITY Products & Services

SEGRITY is the complete solution for your hydroelectric applications

Through the SEGRITY brand, Basler Services offers products and services to the hydroelectric industry. We specialize in Woodward governors, hydro governors, unit and plant controls, digital control algorithms, control systems installation and commissioning.

We create modular products and services that empower you to execute the project in-house. We take pride in our ability to offer solutions ranging from the smallest digital/mechanical replacement parts for your existing gate shaft or mechanical cabinet governor to more complicated system upgrades. Everything is designed specifically for your system. Our goal is to ensure that you understand the "why" of each solution helping you become self-sufficient.

Governor Parts and Design Example

SEGRITY Products for Modern Governor Systems

Basler Services LLC offers "Drop in replacement" hardware upgrades for existing Woodward, PLC-based, and early digital controllers, adding modern functionality to maximize your system's investment. We provide custom control algorithms, including H6B, feedforward, isochronous load sharing, transient, and enhanced PID control. As the North American distributor for Istec, we offer SIL-certified speed monitoring systems, meeting API 670 standards. Click here for Istec product document downloads. Contact us for Istec product details.

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Custom Hydraulics

Specialized Hydraulic & Custom Mechanical Parts

Because hydro governors have unique requirements for fail safe operation and large hydraulic flow requirements, off the shelf solutions often require complicated hydraulics and electrical customization. Our specialized hydro products include hydraulic manifolds, electrical interface modules, distributing valve rebuild kits, custom engineered mechanical products, and custom control algorithms built to meet your requirements.

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Hydro Generator Cooling Water Control System

Control Systems Panels & Enclosures

We design, manufacture and test full control system panels that can be adapted to your specific requirements. Our hydro specific applications include advanced algorithm based solutions for level control, governor control and cooling water control.

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SEGRITY Training Session

SEGRITY Training & Support

Basler Services offers full training and support for the proper operation and maintenance of your new, recently upgraded or legacy system. We help ensure that you get the most out of what you have and that you stay up and running safely and efficiently.

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