Sync Motor and Condenser Control Systems

There are very few differences between large synchronous generators and synchronous motors. The synchronous motor is more resilient in that it can be connected to the power line at zero speed and accelerated to full power without incurring any damage. While at speed and synchronized, both machines behave identically with respect to the voltage support while producing or consuming apparent power (vars). The dc exciters applied to each are the same. However, additional sensing, control and protection are required by the fact that the synchronous motor is accelerating to full speed while the synchronous generator is already at full speed when the voltage regulator is energized. Typically, synchronous motor exciters are configured to operate in the constant var control mode while synchronous generator exciters are configured to operate in the constant voltage mode.

Our engineers understand the specific requirements associated with synchronous motor control and will develop a complete synchronous motor controller system that includes equipment required to safely accelerate the motor and apply the dc voltage to the rotating field at the correct time. This will insure rapid synchronization while protecting the motor from overload, jam, pullout and off-frequency conditions.

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