Power System Stabilizers

Power systems can be accurately simulated on personal computers with the appropriate software. These simulations can predict large area-wide power outages caused by resonant swinging power flow in agreement with actual historical outages. Similarly, the same mathematical equations have been programmed into the Power System Stabilizer (PSS) subroutines of the modern voltage regulator.

PSS can modulate the synchronous machine's voltage to instantaneously take power from the system or put power into the system by varying the angle between the magnetic moment of the rotating field and the rotating magnetic field of the three-phase electric system reflected in the voltage on the stationary part of the synchronous machine. If the adjustments of the PSS are set correctly, then power swings into or out of the synchronous machine will act to dampen the system-wide resonant power swings and improve system stability. If the adjustments are set incorrectly, then the opposite is true.

PSS equipment provides stability for generators of any size that are connected to the transmission system.

technical support grid

Basler Services has the tools, techniques and engineering expertise to correctly measure the system resonant frequencies, generator frequency response and set the programmable constants. Basler Services provides PSS installation, commissioning and modeling studies. Our services include:

  • PSS settings analysis including settings based on onsite testing, computer modeling and development of the mathematical simulation modeling
  • Interface engineering required to connect the PSS to the voltage regulator and generator
  • Installation of the PSS (IEEE Type 2A)
  • Onsite tune-up and commissioning involving generator dynamic testing
    • Offline & online generator response testing
    • Frequency response testing
    • Underexcitation limit stability test
    • Overexcitation limit stability test
  • Final documentation including a model of the generator, excitation system and PSS for submission to the applicable regional North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) council. This documentation meets the NERC dynamic modeling data requirements as outlined in the NERC planning standards
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