Generator Control and Protection Systems

Basler Services' Generator Specialists will complete a generator study to determine what is needed to maximize operating efficiency, increase reliability and reduce costs. Our Generator Specialists will provide the direction required to help ensure the viability of systems, equipment and staff safety.

Below is a list of testing methodologies available through Basler Services that can be performed on many generator brands including GE, ABB, Siemens, Holec, Alstom, and Ansaldo.

  • Breaker contact resistance (DLR0)
  • Turns ratio (TTR) testing
  • Hydraulic Integrity Test (HIT) skid testing for water-cooled generator stators
  • Insulation Integrity Testing comprising of: Polarization Index (PI), dc leakage testing, dc hipot and ac hipot testing for generator stators and rotors
  • Double Power Factor/Tan Delta testing for stator insulation condition analysis
  • AC impedance testing on rotors for shorted turn analysis
  • Generator training
  • Electrical component thermal imaging
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