System Evaluation and Enhancement Studies

Today, power supply is of utmost concern. Increases in demand continue to burden power suppliers, emphasizing the critical importance of maximum efficiency and reliability.

While focusing on processes (Life Management Programs) to extend the life expectancy of turbines and generators, consideration must be given to the excitation control systems to ensure that the demands of voltage support throughout the system are being met.

Consider an Evaluation and Enhancement Study. Our experienced engineers will determine your needs, complete a comprehensive inspection and appraisal of each system and compile a Life Assessment Analysis. This analysis outlines all short- and long-term recommendations and upgrade options with regard to the operation of each system.

Basler Services provides power system studies: fault analysis, load flow, device coordination, motor starting, voltage drop, short circuit and arc flash.

Fault analysis for sizing equipment, assessing the available energy in given locations, and ensuring applicable clearing times to mitigate faults and arc flashes.

Load flow testing ensures proper equipment sizing and adequate voltage delivery during all postulated modes of operation. Additionally motor starting can be performed to analyze and ensure proper acceleration times and voltages.

Load rejection testing can be performed to discover or validate machine inertias.

System evaluation and enhancement studies include the following general work scope:

  1. Site inspection and appraisal of each System
  2. Review of data files on each System
  3. Engineering Study at our Littleton, Colorado, office
  4. Submittal and presentation of the Final Report, which will include:
    • Project Summary
    • Project Recommendation on a priority basis
    • Detailed reports on each System including a summary, recommendation, and all of the data compiled
    • Report Appendix
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