Regulatory Compliance

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) was established to create policies to help ensure the reliability of the bulk power generated in North America. NERC provides guidelines for reporting machine availability and generator system testing to verify models and performance of synchronous machines.

Reliability is the primary concern. To be able to predict the overall system response and reliability, NERC needs to know the capabilities of the generating systems and the anticipated performance for both steady state operation and during system transients caused by loss of generation, faults or other types of disturbances.

Basler Services can provide the following protection studies:

PRC-005-1.1b: To ensure all transmission and generation protection systems affecting the reliability of the Bulk Electric System (BES) are maintained and tested.

PRC-005-6: To document and implement programs for the maintenance of all protection systems, automatic reclosing and sudden pressure relaying affecting the reliability of the Bulk Electric System (BES) so that they are kept in working order.

PRC-019-2: To verify coordination of generating unit facility or synchronous condenser voltage regulating controls, limit functions, equipment capabilities and protection system settings.

PRC-024-2: Ensure generator owners set their generator protective relays such that generating units remain connected during defined frequency and voltage excursions.

Basler Services can also provide the following modeling studies:

MOD-025-2: To ensure that accurate information on generator gross and net real and reactive power capability and synchronous condenser reactive power capability is available for planning models used to assess BES reliability.

MOD-026-1: To verify that the generator excitation control system or plant volt/var control function1 model (including the power system stabilizer model and the impedance compensator model) and the model parameters used in dynamic simulations accurately represent the generator excitation control system or plant volt/var control function behavior when assessing BES reliability.

MOD-027-1: To verify that the turbine/governor and load control or active power/frequency control1 model and the model parameters, used in dynamic simulations that assess BES reliability, accurately represent generator unit real power response to system frequency variations.

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